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As an artist, one of the biggest joys in life is to see the look of awe and excitement in the eyes of those that view my work. After hours of designing, cutting, shaping, gluing, sanding and finishing, it’s so satisfying to see the smile and twinkle of approval in the eyes of my clients. 


I was born in Rome, New York. Having grown up in the foothills of the great Adirondack Mountains, my love of nature inspired my artistic vision throughout my life. While walking though a forest I would often marvel at the complexity and beauty of nature. I have always been fascinated by nature's pallet of beauty in the form of grain, color and texture. I was even more intrigued, at a young age, how others reacted to such beauty as well. When I would see a smile, the look of surprise and satisfaction of someone viewing art, I would immediately think how honored and humbled I would be if it was I that created that piece. These interests were cultivated over the years and developed when I opted for a degree in art and graphic design in college. This resulted in many artistic medium endeavors such as oil painting, pen and ink drawings.  

However, it wasn’t until I was a homeowner that I recognized my true passion. I really missed my wood shop classes in junior and senior high. I was also a huge Norm Abram fan (from PBS Old Yankee Workshop) and always wished one day, I too, would have my own wood shop. After buying a few power tools to finish projects around the house and realizing how much I missed working with wood, one year I decided to make Christmas gifts for the family and that’s when I got hooked!  


I recently retired from a long 30+ year career in senior management to pursue my love of woodworking. I am married to my best friend, have three wonderful daughters and now reside in Rock Hill, South Carolina. 


Artist Statement

IMG_1459 2.jpg

My art is a marriage of exotic woods, fine arts and functionality. Items such as jewelry boxes, bowls and vases are made with elegant curves, natural colors, precision and exquisite finishing techniques. Medium used are beautiful hardwoods including exotic tropical woods from around the world. From foreign forests I breathe new life into each piece. Sumptuous lines and natural appealing grains and colors allow the woods history of growth to be reborn and forever remembered in a fresh body of art. Thank you for visiting my website and if you ordered something, THANK YOU for supporting my craft!

Degree in Art, Graphics and Design

45 years experienced in woodworking

Accomplished artist of landscape oil painting and pen and ink drawings

Member of the AAW (American Association of Woodturners)

Member of the CAC (Charlotte Art Collective)

Featured on SCETV (South Carolina Educational Television) series 


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